AntlerMax® Deer 20

AntlerMax Deer 20 ImageA 20%-protein pelleted ration designed to enhance the deer’s natural forage diet. Formulated with patented AntlerMax® Technology.

  • Improves antler size and mass and improves body condition.
  • Optimum reproductive performance and strong healthy fawns.
  • Proprietary AntlerMax® Mineral - optimal antler growth, density and strength.
  • Highly palatable - strong proprietary flavor attracts deer and elk.
  • To be fed free-choice with adequate forage or quality hay.
  • Feed from February through August.
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by William on 9/22/2011
Bucks does and fawns are all eating it. Another good thing is the coons have no taste for it. I have it in spin feeders and free choice.
by Leslie on 3/5/2011
Growing big deer with good mass in the hill country of Texas!
by Purina Wildlife on 7/29/2009
Jeff B. in Alabama writes "Antlermax has improved our herd health the past 2 years".